Sabtu, 21 Maret 2009

The Battle : Beyonce Vs Taylor Swift

Saturday night, is interesting to know about the top ten hit list in Surabaya,Indonesia radio. The 1st: Beyonce's Single Lady (Well,I'm Rani Christina is a single lady..(^_^), and Taylor Swift's Love Story...oh..

Note:The videos are from Well, they are so clear.But Blogger will be too slow to display the embed version. You can see each video clips by clicking it.He..he..he (^_^) not not by licking the pics of these beautiful girls (Although they seem sweet or delicious),but by clicking the boxes below each pic....Well, it is unusual.He..he..he , but try it. If you're lucky..You can see the video directly.I'm sure you can do it.
( I'll tell you later what I think/feel about these series of hit list)

I will post next surprising video clips later, when...?Just keep following my blog.Be the first to know about it...

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