Kamis, 16 Juli 2009



Data portability proponents like the Electronic Frontiers Foundation argue that Facebook is making data migration an unnecessarily tedious process for its users.
Facebook has been widely criticized after suing Power.com, a service that allows users to import Facebook friends and posts into other social networking services.
According to Inside Facebook, Facebook, the great social Net , may be working on a native Twitter application as said by engineer Blake Ross' tweet from an application named "Penguin FB" . Asks Inside Facebook's writer Justin Smith, "Is Facebook about to become the largest source of tweets?" The company did not comment on the "Penguin FB" project and Ross has since deleted the "Penguin FB" test tweet.
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If Facebook is planning to make a move on a native Twitter application, Twitter's super users already share moments of their daily lives on a bi-hourly basis. Imagine the few days before we realize how to change the settings on individual tweets for Facebook causes, event RSVPs, game scores, wall posts, friend requests, new application requests and notes.

Kamis, 09 Juli 2009

Michael Jackson Ghost Vs Larry King