Kamis, 09 April 2009

Oh My GOD: NAughty..Naughty....Sexy Girl,any tips to make it hotter?

It's My Birthday..And look what my friend e-mailed me. Very naughty...hmm..what is that?Believe it. it's a very sensual mouse pad.Wow, will you enjoy your 'computer'time better with that?
Tips if you want to see it bigger:
1) Click the pic, it will open a new window with a bigger pic you choose.

2)Hold the CTRL key,at the same time turn the wheel of your mouse forward. If you want to decrease the screen :CTRL and turn it toward the back of the mouse .
3)Hold the CTRL key and the ( + ) key to increase and CTRL and (-) to decrease the size.

YOU Deserve Success!!

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