Jumat, 27 Maret 2009

Hot Pics From Friends

Well, These are some pics from my Friends...by the way, I have a surprising video..but still consider to post it...or ..may be..I will show it for a limited time only....Just wait & See..maybe it will be about:
rick wagoner,
josephine baker,
carthage nc,final four tickets,
unh hockey,
sean o hair,
what is a tarheel,
sunday in new york,
ford field,
lou saban,
robert stewart,
American Idol',
March Madness,
Shawn Johnson,
Mantle Cell Lymphoma,
guitar hero metallica commercial,
ecuador vs brasil 2009,
october sky,
carthage north carolina,

Sabtu, 21 Maret 2009

The Battle : Beyonce Vs Taylor Swift

Saturday night,wow...it is interesting to know about the top ten hit list in Surabaya,Indonesia radio. The 1st: Beyonce's Single Lady (Well,I'm Rani Christina is a single lady..(^_^), and Taylor Swift's Love Story...oh..

Note:The videos are from http://new.music.yahoo.com. Well, they are so clear.But Blogger will be too slow to display the embed version. You can see each video clips by clicking it.He..he..he (^_^) not not by licking the pics of these beautiful girls (Although they seem sweet or delicious),but by clicking the boxes below each pic....Well, it is unusual.He..he..he , but try it. If you're lucky..You can see the video directly.I'm sure you can do it.
( I'll tell you later what I think/feel about these series of hit list).........plus...........

I will post next surprising video clips later, when...?Just keep following my blog.Be the first to know about it...

Rabu, 18 Maret 2009

Are you Party Animal like me?

the show with zefrank

What About I getting her room now??What??!So What?

Well, as a dog..may I think about rooms exchange? She gets my room which is perfect suit her & I get her cozy , comfortable room, Fair heeH?


Dog Car Addict

Happy Licky Lucky St,Patrick Day..Make Sure You're Lucky,

So What?

Funny PICs, So Sexy Wild Body(s)

Sst, it's something we want to know about the other side of life, the wild animal side of life...MySpace friend, Niche Seona e-mail me these, let's enjoy and have so much fun.

Kamis, 12 Maret 2009